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Host your eventson Panelist

Create your events and reach
out to your audience on the
world’s most comprehensive
virtual events platform.

Hosting events on Panelist helps any business
to achieve their objectives and meet their
expectations of virtual events.


Create and Host

Host your event with your own live
platform and event website with
all the audience engagement
functionalities you will need.

Promote & Manage

Streamlined Management

Manage all aspects of your event,
from sponsor management to content
and attendee communications before,
during and after your event.


Expand Your Reach

Reach out to a larger audience,
promote your events to thousands of
Panelist members, invite by job title,
job function, location and industry.

Create your event

Create your event platform and event website within minutes

Get your event up and running and start promoting it to
your audience within minutes.

Create your entire event agenda, map out your breakout
rooms, assign speaking slots, enable sponsor and attendee
interactions, Q&A, content sharing and networking all in one

Manage your attendees, speakers and sponsors all in one platform

Create amazing experiences for your customers with a
seamless and streamlined onboarding process for your
attendees, speakers and sponsors.

Keep your audience notified with updates, last minute
changes, speaker and sponsor additions and reminders all
from one place.

Go live

Go to your audience live from anywhere in
the world with your speakers in different
locations, each coming live at the time of
their presentation.


Would rather review and approve your event
footage before streaming? No problem, record
your presentation, review it, then upload,
schedule and stream it as live during your event.

Multiple breakout sessions and focused discussion rooms

Engage your attendees and sponsors by having focused
interactive discussion rooms, enable your attendees to
switch in between discussion rooms with complete visibility
of event program at any time.

Give your attendees a chance to make the most of their time at your event

Provide more value to your attendees with your on-demand
material, info decks, presentation slides and much for for
your them to view and download.

Gain full control and visibility of your event with a visual real-time dashboard for all your stakeholders, partners and sponsors.


Organise, Manage Easier

Communicate with attendees,
speakers and sponsors through your
dedicated dashboards. Update programs,
create and allocate sponsorship packages,
speaking slots, one on one meetings.

Your attendees

Enhance Customer Experience

Enable your audience to connect to
a larger community in their industry,
interact with peers and solution
providers and gain access to a wide
range of content.


Personalised Dashboard

Enable your sponsors to upload their
content, update their speaking slots,
gain access to the attendees list or
Update programs, create and
depending on their involvement.